There are 99 days until the election. 99 days to make sure that Arkansans’ voices are heard in Congress. 99 days to get Steve Womack out of office. 99 days to change the trajectory for our state and our nation.

Growing up in Arkansas I learned the value of taking care of my neighbors. Part of looking out for people means ensuring they have access to healthcare, jobs, and education. Steve Womack portrayed himself as someone who was going to take care of us, his neighbors. But time and time again he has played the political game and left everyday Arkansans drowning in medical bills, struggling to make ends meet, and weighed down by student debt. In 99 days, we’re going to change that.

Steve’s attacks on healthcare hit home for me in a particularly personal way. My dad passed away from complications due to lung cancer, and it was one of the hardest times in my family’s life. However, what made it even harder were the immense bills we had to worry about throughout his illness. Instead of focusing only on him my family was bombarded with medical bills. In 99 days if we win this election, I will work to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and advocate for Medicare for all because I want to ensure that Arkansans can focus on taking care of their loved ones.

We live in a unique place, surrounded by billion dollar corporations as well as many small businesses on our town squares. But, too often we forget that jobs are hard to find in this corner of Arkansas. As an owner of a natural resources company I have first hand experience creating jobs that pay fair wages so that Arkansans can support their families. And in 99 days if elected, I will continue to fight for the businesses already located in Northwest Arkansas so that they can continue to be an economic engine for our state.

Over the past 18 years of living in Fayetteville too often I have met U of A students who graduated with tens of thousands dollars in debt or students who weren’t even able to begin their higher education because they couldn’t afford it. I have worked to ensure students have a fighting chance to succeed as President of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. In 99 days I will continue to fight for our students in congress.

Today I am asking you, my neighbor, to help me ensure that everyday Arkansans are taken care of. Pass out flyers, go door to door, and most importantly vote on election day to ensure that we can continue to look after our neighbors. There’s 99 days left until the most important election of our lifetimes. We can win this if we come together. Are you in?