Creating Jobs

Too many Arkansans are rightly frustrated because they can’t find work or have jobs that don’t pay a good wage.   As your Congressman, I’ll work to create jobs in our district that pay well so working Arkansans can support their families. I’ll also fight for the businesses already located here so that Northwest Arkansas continues to be the economic engine for our state.  One way to create good-paying jobs is to encourage the growth of the burgeoning green energy industry. I believe our district should become a leader in the sustainable energy industry.  The Trump administration says they want to end tax credits for wind and solar companies which would keep jobs from coming to our district. As your Congressman, I’ll work to help this industry grow so working Arkansans can have good-paying jobs.

Health Care

I believe universal health care is a fundamental right for all and not just a privilege for the few.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act hundreds of thousands of Arkansans finally have affordable health care. My opponent, however, wants to end the ACA and leave countless Arkansans without affordable health care.  My opponent believes universal health care is a privilege for the few. I’ll fight to protect and improve the ACA so that all Arkansans can have affordable health care.


Thanks to my family’s public service, I have a passion for improving our education system and helping students attend college or receive vocational training.   As the President of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, I’ve helped secure millions of dollars in grant money to help students receive an education.   Meanwhile, my opponent voted for a budget that cuts billions from our education system and these cuts hit our two-year and four-year colleges and universities especially hard.  Our district is home to many colleges and universities and we need a Congressman who will fight for Arkansas’s students and their future.