Thanks to my family’s public service, I have a passion for improving our education system and helping students attend college or receive vocational training.   As the President of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, I’ve helped secure millions of dollars in grant money to help students receive an education.   Meanwhile, my opponent voted for a budget that cuts billions from our education system and these cuts hit our two-year and four-year colleges and universities especially hard.  Our district is home to many colleges and universities and we need a Congressman who will fight for Arkansas’s students and their future.


  • Adequate funding for public schools, pre-K and after school programs*
  • Student loan forgiveness program for educators
  • A stipend for critical needs areas (math, science, special education teachers)
  • Increase tax credit for teacher’s spending on school supplies
  • Ensure that girls are encouraged to pursue education and career paths in STEAM fields (science, technology, engineering, arts, math)
  • Facilitate a learning culture that encourages post-high school education
  • Strong reading programs for K-2 to establish a foundation of literacy
  • Empower traditional public schools to be on an even playing field with charter schools


  • Make community college affordable and accessible to all (examples are TN, CA and FL who have made community
    college free)
  • Focus on student loan interest:
    • No / low interest on student loans
    • Restore tax credit on student loan interest
    • Ability to re-negotiate student loans
  • National student loan forgiveness program that has a payback opportunity based on certain criteria such as community or civic engagement and/or work in certain fields (e.g. coding)


  • Facilitate Vocational academies with credit-bearing skills in areas that are in need of skilled trade and labor
  • Encourage start of vocational paths in middle school and high school
  • All college student loan benefits apply to vocational and credit-bearing certification programs too

Good Paying Jobs and Renewable Energy


Growth in Northwest Arkansas is not distributed equally throughout the 3rd District. Too many Arkansas are frustrated because they can’t find work or have jobs that don’t pay a good wage so they are living below the poverty line. I will:

  • Support the creation of jobs that pay good wages so working Arkansans can support their families
  • Incentivize businesses to train and re-train their workforce
  • Continue to fight for the businesses already located here so that Northwest Arkansas continues to be the economic engine for our state


  • Take advantage of the growth in the renewable energy industry, particularly solar
  • Grow the solar industry in Arkansas and create jobs in manufacturing, installation and management
  • Partner with farmers and poultry growers to use solar energy to reduce their energy costs
  • Drive policy that supports sustainability
  • Support entrepreneurship, infrastructure development and R&D in the energy space



All Arkansans deserve access to healthcare, not just the privileged few. No one should have to make the choice
between getting medical care and feeding their family. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, hundreds of thousands of
Arkansans finally have affordable healthcare. This is a huge step forward. But there is more we need to do to
ensure everyone has access to the high quality, affordable and convenient healthcare they deserve. I will:

  • Fight to protect and improve the ACA to ensure hundreds of thousands of Arkansans can keep their healthcare
  • Ensure protections for pre-existing conditions so no one ever needs to worry about losing health insurance when they get sick
  • Take on the pharmaceutical industry to make medications more affordable
  • Expand support for medical research to promote new treatments for cancer, dementia and other debilitating diseases
  • Require doctors and hospitals to be transparent about their prices so people can know how much their care will cost ahead of time
  • Ensure funding for preventive care to keep people healthy and drive down costs over the long-term
  • Reform our Veterans healthcare system so our military veterans can access the care they deserve
  • Ultimately work to achieve universal healthcare coverage so that we can deliver healthcare in the most affordable, effective way possible



The United States has always been a beacon of hope to people from throughout the world and has drawn
individuals from every corner of the planet to build a better life. Today is no different. This is why we need to
continue to be a country that welcomes immigrants and understands our diversity is part of our nation’s
strength. We must:

  • Reform our immigration laws to legalize the status of immigrants already in our country and ensure a fair path
    to citizenship for anyone who is inspired to create a better life in the United States (which includes creating
    pathways to citizenship for DACA and all statuses recognized by the U.S. Government (e.g. TPS))
  • Improve the immigration system to ensure and facilitate protection for families and family reunification
  • End 287(g) and the militarization of our immigration enforcement system
  • Promote an inclusive and diverse environment that allows everyone to live with dignity and without fear
  • Modernize the U.S. visa system to support the needs of U.S. employers
  • Ensure educational opportunities and investment in talent including student loan availability and tuition equity
    for DACA, TPS and other recognized statuses



  • Improve and invest in roadways, bridges and ports to support community and business growth
  • Ensure Rural broadband access to:
    • Support children receiving an education
    • Grow rural and local businesses
    • Attract new businesses
  • Re-instate net neutrality – open and fair internet to:
    • Ensure that businesses cannot use internet speed as a competitive advantage
    • Ensure that access to all sites and information is available to all and is not limited